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NSW government scrambles for answers at building defects inquiry

The NSW government was condemned for sitting on at least 17 years of pleas for reform and warnings of defective buildings, a NSW parliamentary inquiry heard on Monday.


The government at all levels have reaped billions of dollars from the Sydney property market and have provided inadequate contingencies / compensation for crises like Mascot Towers, Zetland, Opal and Sugarcube.


The NSW property market is facing its biggest single crisis since the GFC!


Thousands of people in NSW stand to lose their apartments and or suffer severe financial hardship.

We are seeking wholesale fundamental change in the NSW building and construction industry!


Enlist in the 'NSW Strata Army' today and bolster the voices of all owners, residents and stakeholders living / working in apartments, units, townhouses and commercial strata properties.


The more voices we have, the more the government will be forced to listen.

Stand with us to create positive change!


Significant structural defects impose huge financial and personal costs on homeowners, businesses, builders and insurers in remediation and legal costs.


They also undermine confidence in the building industry. They take up the valuable time of courts and regulators and they can also have broader impacts on communities.


We're aware of residents being offered $10,000 to purchase their million-dollar apartments and no resident in NSW should have to suffer that sort of disgraceful proposition.


The Victorian Government has put $600 million on the table to address this issue and the NSW Government – supported by the Commonwealth -- needs to look at matching this figure!


Given the manifest failure of regulatory responsibility, governments have a moral responsibility to respond effectively and provide meaningful assistance to owner's corporations in resolving defects.


The question needs to be asked as to why they are so hesitant to show genuine leadership and firmly commit to a plan for resolving this crisis.

At the end of the day, the buck stops with government.



1.  Reintroduction of a robust and accessible Homeowners’ Warranty Insurance scheme for all levels of strata development, removing the current four-story exclusion.


2.  Increasing the two-year statutory warranty period to at least three years.


3.  Along the lines of the precedent now established in Victoria, provide an assistance package for cladding and structurally affected schemes. This may include a combination of subsidised loans, rate/taxation relief and other financial assistance.


4.  Legislate within the regulatory framework for builders, developers, designers, and certifiers a clear duty of care to owners and owners’ corporations.


5.  Legislate a statutory chain of responsibility through the entire design and construction cycle.


6.  Introduce mandatory supervision of private certification.


7.  Introduce a record of occupation certificates accessible to owners’ corporations that is separate from the Office of Fair Trading. This will avoid any conflict of interest with its regulatory functions and enforcement of compliance, licensing and administration of home building compensation fund.


SCA NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Submission 270719

SCA NSW Parliamentary Inquiry Submission 270719

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